About us

The Environment + Sustainability German-Belarus Science Network is coordinated by the East-West-Science Center Hessen. The project partner in Belarus is the Center for Technology Transfer of the TU Minsk “Metolit”. In Germany, the project is funded by the International Bureau of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.
During the next three years, the following activities will be central to the network:

 ▪  Provision of information with regard to the scientific landscape
    and technologies in Belarus and Germany
 ▪  Initiation of cooperation projects
 ▪  Mutual activities for (young) academics of both countries
 ▪  Active marketing for cooperation in research and development

All network activities will focus on the issues environment and sustainability. The long-term purpose is to intensify German-Belarus cooperation in research and development as well as the establishment of institutional research associations. If you are interested please contact us or send us your profile form.

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